Getting Started 

Step 1: 

Set up your fundraising page! When you sign up, you will be asked to provide basic contact information so that we can get in touch with you. You can set up a Team page, meaning your friends or colleagues can create their own pages and contribute to a Team goal. Or, you can create an individual fundraising page. Click here to get started

Step 2: 

Log into your Participant Center. Once you login, you can:

  • Customize your personal page (tell your story!),
  • Use the online tools to send emails to your friends and family asking for their support,
  • Take advantage of the sample emails you can use to encourage your friends and family to make donations on your behalf. 
  • Send thank you notes to your friends and family who have donated to your page.

Step 3: 

Reach out to your network and make that "ask!" When you sign up for a fundraising page, we'll automatically send you a sample email that you can forward to your network (just don't forget to change the subject line!). From your Participant Center, you can also send emails or write posts on Facebook. 

We know asking for money is hard. That's why we have sample emails to help get you started. Our number one tip is this: ask yourself why this is important to you. When you tell your story, others will listen. 

Step 4: 

Thank your friends, family, and colleagues who supported you! Your Participant Center has example thank you notes that you can send out. Remember to tell them how much their support means to you!



Still Need Help? We're here for you.

Please direct all questions to Nicole Battista at 212-639-0203 or